Tuesday, August 16, 2011

And The Seasons They Go 'Round and 'Round

Sometimes, I get really happy about the smallest, simplest things. Like coffee. (My sister said it best the other night: "Don't you love it when you remember that you get to wake up and drink coffee in the morning?" Yes, yes I do!) Phone calls with friends living far away. Trips to Whole Foods. (Seriously, Lansing. Get with it.)

Anna gets really happy over lots of small, simple things, which in turn makes me happy, too. Like Elmo. Playing on the bed. Noodles. And swings. Girlfriend loves her some swings.

Which is why it was super awesome that we got to my parents' house last weekend and discovered that they had gotten Anna her very own swing. If it weren't for the swarms of mosquitoes trying to carry us away, Anna would have been content to swing out there all day, letting the breeze blow through her little blonde mullet without a care in the world.

The even awesome-er part is the fact that I can vividly remember the day that swing set was built by one of our family friends. I have so many great memories of playing back there, and I love that now Anna will get to do the same thing. When we outgrew the swings, a hammock was hung, and I can remember spending hours out there reading and napping - and even sleeping a night or two with my friend Amy. (When I asked my sister why she never slept back there with me, she claims it's because I never invited her. I maintain that she was never brave enough to fend off bugs and raccoons, not that I was a mean big sister.)

I guess you could say that old swing set has come full circle.

Wait? Why does Amy look so miserable, yet I look so happy?

Something else that makes me really happy? Mike, Anna, and I are heading south tomorrow - boarding a plane and traveling to Greenville. We spent four great years there, and we're so excited to eat Chick-fil-A visit with friends and soak up some Southern culture.

I just hope they have swings.

Happy Tuesday!

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