Monday, June 11, 2012

Such A Nice Way

Babies are such a nice way to start people. - Don Herrold

It seems I have a knack for being pregnant for all of my sister's big life milestones.

I found out I was pregnant with Anna just a few short weeks before Kristin's bachelorette party in Las Vegas and was at that lovely "Is she with child or did she just drink too many beers?" stage of pregnancy for her wedding. So when I found out that Kristin and Drew were going to be parents, my first thoughts (after, of course, sheer and total excitement at becoming an aunt) were of how I could steal their thunder. Just kidding, obviously. But, as luck would have it, those two life-changing pink lines showed up just five weeks later.

Being pregnant at the same time as Kristin has been so much fun (except for the times when she's all, "Oh, I just ran five miles! I feel amazing!" and I'm all, "Oh, I just barfed! And then I took a nap!"), and I am so, so excited that our babies will be close in age and that Anna will have not one, but two little ones to boss around at family gatherings.

So despite my very best efforts to one-up them once again (I was hoping for twins!), yesterday was all about showering Kristin and Drew with all kinds of love for their new baby boy. And it was such a special day.

Mason jars painted on the inside with craft paint, tied with twine. Flowers from Costco and pennants made from bamboo skewers and scrapbooking paper!

"Wishes for Baby" cards purchased on Etsy here. Filled out by all the guests and put together in a photo album. 

Candy goody bags - labels printed with a free template from this site

Pennants made with scrapbooking paper and twine. Candy game (in the back) taken from  here.

Beautiful and delicious cupcakes made by the talented Angela Munsell. Cupcake toppers are scrapbooking paper and toothpicks!

Can you tell I was excited about the cupcakes? I am pregnant, after all.

The cupcake baker and her adorable son!

Special thanks to Trista for taking pictures while I was playing hostess!

She's a natural.

Not that anyone had any doubt, but the whole day was such a sweet reminder of how much love and happiness this little guy is going to be surrounded by. It was so neat to see all these people in one room celebrating the new life Kristin and Drew are bringing into the world, and I can't think of two people who will make better parents. Baby Boy Stanton is one lucky kid.

Thank you so much to everyone who came to celebrate and made the day so special!

And Kristin and Drew - I love you both so much and can't wait to be an auntie! Also, if you could give me a heads up if you're planning any big life milestones in the future, I'd appreciate it. I kinda want to get an idea of just how many times I'm going to need to be pregnant, mmkay?

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