Monday, May 16, 2011


I would like to dedicate this post to my balls. Now, before your mind goes all pornographic on me, I should clarify that the balls I am referring to are of the cake variety.  And they are amazing. Hence, Amaze-Balls.

Martha, Schmartha, right?!??

It all started with a little graduation present from my mom - a Cake Pop cook book. At first, I was intimidated. I don't fancy myself a baker of any kind, and these tiny confections looked pretty darn complicated. But it was our good friend Steve's birthday, and it was a rainy day, and I was feeling all Martha Stewart-y, so I decided to give it a shot. 

Admittedly, the cake ball is the much simpler cousin of the cake pop, but a girl's got to start somewhere, right? And it was actually much easier than I anticipated. You basically bake a cake (I used red velvet - just a box job), crumble it up, mix in some frosting (cream cheese, again, just from a tub), form into balls, and cover with chocolate. I was feeling a little extra fancy when I was done and threw in a little drizzle over the top, and I have to say I was quite pleased with myself. 

But the best part? These tiny balls o' cake taste awesome! Something about the cake being smooshed up with the frosting ups the deliciousness factor by about a million, because even Mike, who doesn't normally like cake, couldn't get enough. I think his exact words were "Where have these been all my life?". Even Anna got in on the action, which might have been a mistake on my part, because she then spent a majority of the weekend screeching "Ba! Ba! Ba!" (her word for ball) and pointing up at the counter where they were stashed. Smart girl. (I would like to point out, just so I don't sound like a totally delinquent mother who feeds her baby cake balls for every meal, that Anna also scarfed down a ton of kale chips - another new delicious recipe I tried this weekend from Gwyneth Paltrow's cook book. So it's all good - I'm not a horrible mom.)

So now I'm busy planning my next creations. There are so many delicious options that I think this beautiful relationship with cake balls is just beginning. And I like it. I like it a lot.

"My mouth is watering just thinking about those balls..."

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