Sunday, January 8, 2012

Holiday Photo Dump

I had visions in my head of putting together some lovely and thoughtful posts about our holidays, but as I mentioned before, it seems as though the last few weeks have gone by in a crazy blur. And it's now January 8th and I've yet to share any of the 600 pictures I've taken. Apparently procrastination shows its face in all parts of my life, not just when laundry or vacuuming are involved.

So, instead of drawing it out (which would mean you would most likely be reading about our Christmas celebration sometime in May), I'm just going to throw a whole bunch of pictures your way.

In a nutshell? Our Christmas was awesome. In fact, the best I can remember. Anna could kind of understand the concept of what was happening. And even though she opened a ridiculous amount of presents - at one point I was literally bribing her to keep going - it all reminded me why being a mama is so darn cool and why I love my family.

Blurry - but I love the hug Anna is giving me!

Matching jammies! Dork alert!

Christmas morning. 

Matching jammies in the dryer because of a leaky diaper ...

Waving kitty that Mike bought for his family's gift exchange and then proceeded to steal from someone so we could have it. Sweet.

I love these pictures. Baby sling and Anna's dress made by my mom.

My grandmother turns 90 in February, but since everyone was in town we decided to celebrate a little early. This was the first time we had all been together since Kristin and Drew's wedding, and the first time many of them had met Anna.

My cousins came up with a sweet little skit spelling out my grandma's name. I was "D" for dinner - she used to get so mad at us if we tried to sneak any snacks before dinner!

How cool does she look rocking that tiara?

Any party is fine by Anna as long as she gets to eat ice cream.

I have a ton more pictures from Anna's birthday that I'll save for another post. You can only take so much of our family at a time, right? Plus, being the crazy mama that I am, I don't want her birthday to always get lumped together with Christmas. The poor kid didn't have any say in when she was born, and even if I'm exhausted and partied-out by the time her day rolls around, I want to always make sure she doesn't feel shorted.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Matching jammie dorks!! Just kidding. Love them! And love those fancy babylegs Anna has on. But my favorite? Anna opening her new beautiful.

    BTW Cedella got the same ABC puzzle too!