Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pinny Party!

Ok. Ok. I promise that I will stop talking about Pinterest. Soon.

Just not today.

It seems as though my beloved site is going mainstream. And I've heard some grumbling. Like people who are all mad that now everyone else has discovered this little gem and think it's getting tarnished or something. To me, the more the merrier. Because now there are even more people sharing even more awesome ideas and recipes for me to try. So, all you new Pinterest users? We're cool.

A few weeks ago (well, actually it was probably more like a month ago, but I am slow) something amazing happened. See, my friend Trista had this great idea that we should start organized little parties where we make something we find on Pinterest. When she told me, I was like, "Um, excuse me while my head explodes." Because, first of all, you know that I love making crafts, especially ones I find on Pinterest. And secondly, I loved the idea of getting my craft on with a bunch of other fun girls.

And the best part? We are going to call them "Pinny Parties".

As a stay-at-home-mom, (as it has probably become pretty obvious to you) life isn't always mega-exciting, and I sometimes find myself craving interaction with other adults. I mean, I love staying home with Anna, but there are days when episodes of Sesame Street and trips to the park and conversations with a two-year-old just ain't cuttin' it. Of course I have Mike, and while he is amazing and patient and excellent at listening to me ramble on about every minute detail of our day and keeping me sane, the one thing he is not? A girl. And there's just something about a group of girls getting together and laughing and eating that can't be replaced with anything else.

So, the date was the set and the project was selected and the supplies were purchased. And craft and laugh and eat we did.

Hard at work!

Marshmallow fluff & cream cheese fruit dip - also known to me as "crack"

How cute did these turn out?

Jenny was giving me serious vacation envy.

Part of my collection.
Here is the link to the original site where we found the idea - she goes into much more detail on how to make them, so check it out! We wanted to pick something fairly easy and cheap for our first try, and I think we did a great job.

Basically, we bought tiles from Home Depot (I think they were around 31 cents each). Some girls used actual photos, some used photos printed on plain computer paper. Both turned out, although I would say the ones that were on regular paper did a bit more "bleeding". Modge Podge the back of the photo, press down on the tile, and let it dry for a bit. Then Modge Podge over everything to seal it all in. I didn't get any pictures, but some used scrapbooking paper to accent or add borders and words.

I decided to hang mine on the wall using some of those little Command picture-hanging strips. They can also be used as coasters, although I think it would probably be best to use some kind of sealant so that water drips won't ruin them.

So there you have it. Our very first Pinny Party was a success - and I can't wait for the next one!

Have you made anything awesome you found on Pinterest? 


  1. Totally love this idea. Totally doing this idea.

    1. Thanks, Tara! It was so much fun!!

  2. OMG, this sounds like soooo much fun! I too, as a SAHM, crave adult interaction... and although I'm not very crafty, I would like to be. I'm a "wishful pinner"... I know I can't pull off half the stuff I actually pin, but trying would be fun. Your craft came out sooo cute.
    Found your blog through twitter and I'm following now. I'm over at if you get a chance to come on by and say hi!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Nicole! Our party was so much fun!! And I bet you'd be surprised at how crafty you could be if you just gave it a shot! Thanks for the follow...heading over to check out your blog now!