Friday, June 17, 2011

The Right Stuff

I'm putting my yoga pants and comfy t-shirts (business attire for the stay-at-home mom) aside for the night and pulling out my hair crimper, blue eye shadow, and acid washed jeans. What's the cause for the wardrobe switch, you ask? Well, hang on to your hammer pants and take a sneak peek at what my Friday night holds...

That's right. This mama is boarding the Amtrak and hightailing it to Chicago for the NKOTBSB concert. For those of you not in the loop when it comes to all things Boy Band, that stands for New Kids on the Block/Back Street Boys. And it is most definitely the right stuff.

The timing of this concert actually couldn't be more appropriate. As most of you probably know, Sunday is Father's Day. And who do you think the lucky guy was that took me to my first NKOTB concert? I can't imagine that my dad was exactly thrilled about the prospect of accompanying his daughter to an arena full of screeching girls to spend a few hours listening to Donnie and Jordan and the gang croon sappy pop tunes. But he knew how much it meant to me to be there, singing along word for word, and imagining that "Please Don't Go, Girl" was being performed in my honor. He even went so far as to put on a stick-on earring - sorry if that embarrasses you, Dad, but my eight-year-old self thought it was totally awesome and funny, and my twenty-nine-year-old self still thinks you are totally awesome and funny.

I don't have too many specific memories of the actual concert, except for the fact that Joey (who just happened to be the object of my NKOTB affections) wasn't there, because he was sick. But I know that I had a great time, mostly because I was with my dad.

Obviously, this is not at the NKOTB concert.
Sadly, I'm not sure if there is any photographic evidence from that night...

One of my favorite parts about being a mama is watching  Anna and Mike together, and knowing that she is as lucky as I am - her dad loves her and would do just about anything to make her happy. Even if it involves bad pop music and stick-on jewelry.

Or, sharing food.

So to all the dads in my life, Happy Father's Day! I hope your days are wonderful and you continue to make your little (and not-so-little) ones feel loved.

And Joey, if you're reading this, I best be seeing you up on that stage tonight. Because I'm not sure if I could handle being stood up by you twice.

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